The materials such as sand or pebbles that are used in construction supplies is the cause to reduce the life of machine by generating frictional force within inner wall of mixing room or inner structure during mixing.

But Non gravity mixer can increase the life of machine by concluding Lining & Bolting at the edge of inner wall or plates of mixer as it is a material with strong abrasion resistance such as strong Hi-Cr, and string hardox etc.
Fixing hardox plate(to prevent abrasion)
Chemical Coating
When adding liquid with high viscosity such as molasses or sugars that is added to food, lots of material sticks inside of mixing room. But as Non gravity mixer performs lining and coating with material with high dyplastic such as Teflon, it prevents loss of materials caused by attachment and increases work efficiency in production field.
Sheet Lining Casing Lining
Besides, it can do lining and coating for various usage that customer wants, and sometimes, it can be produced to do water cleaning by equipping nozzle for cleaning as the picture, and to test the leakage of sealing part.
  Water Cleaning & Leakage Test