Mixing means dynamic phenomenon that diffuse materials to be distributed equally to distribute minor ingredients centering on major ingredients among several different materials, and controls the pre-mixed material not to be separated again.
And mixer is a device to cause this phenomenon mechanically.

The representative form of powder mixing is as follows.
1. Powder + Powder
2. Powder + irregular form(pellet, cheap, ball, grain, granule, flake, etc.)
3. irregular form + irregular form
4. 1,2,3, + adding liquid
There are several factors to obstruct equal mixing in powder mixing such as moisture or temperature in the air, but the factors causes the most important influence are as follows.

1. Difference in Size

2. Difference in Density

3. Difference in Shape

Among these factors, especially the difference in diameter and density in material takes the most part of separating phenomenon that occurs in mixing.

Each company tried hard in multiple ways to decrease this separating phenomenon by adjusting the speed of body of rotating and improving interior structure, but it was repeated, so long-time mixing is required.

Longtime mixing becomes the cause of re-segregation in mixing by causing needless centrifugal force or frictional force in materials. Therefore, it decreases the quality of products with abrasion.

In mixing powder, there are two causes. One is caused by the difference in diameter, diversity, and shape of mixed materials, and the other is caused by the difference in diameter by emitting for a long time.

To prevent these segregation, zero gravity mixer prevents segregation that happens during mixing by creating zero gravity through paddle-mechanism within mixer, and solved the segregation problem in emission by equipping big bottom door.
Aspects of mixing time
Longtime mixing is the cause to increase abrasion between materials, between material and machinery structure, and impulse, and the biggest factor to raise specialization rate. And also it can be considered as great loss in the aspect of production effect.
Rotation speed of body of revolution
Body of revolution is the most important device to decide the performance of mixer. In case of raising the speed, the impulse delivered to material increases and becomes the cause of specialization. And in case of decreasing the speed, as it causes longtime mixing time not being smooth between materials, so equal mixture such as specification etc. cannot be obtained.
Aspects of mixing principle
Mixing method can be divided into natural mixing and compulsive mixing representatively. In case of the former, it has fetal defect in mixing performance by protracting of mixing time, and in case of the latter, it cases damage in material by impact by not according between flowing speed of mixture and rotation speed of body of revolution.

Therefore, to overcome this problem, short mixing time and low rotation speed of body of revolution are required. Zero gravity mixer can get the best equal mixture in mixing materials having high specification rate on the basis of these theories.