What is Non gravity?
When throwing an object into the air and it reaches to the highest position, it does free-fall. And instantly, the value of gravitational acceleration (g) before free falling becomes 0. This condition is called as Non gravity. However, as there exists very minute value of gravitational acceleration academically, some scholars argue that it is micro gravity condition.

The mixtures to be mixed are all different relatively in density, diameter and particle size, so the most difficult problem in mixing is to overcome these characteristics. But general mixer is difficult to overcome this because of the action of centrifugal force. However, if proceeding mixing in Non gravity condition, it can make perfect mixing by overcoming relative characteristic of mixture.

Non gravity is not vacuum condition and very different from vacuum mixer. To make Non gravity, proper harmony between the mechanism consisted with mixture body and circulation of axis is required, and no artificial equipment is used or attached.

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Mixing is to mix and distribute two or the more kinds of powder equally in dry condition or condition that contains the minimum amount of liquid, and in some fields, it is called as blending. The range of diameter of object powder is wide and the filling condition is from dry to pendular.

As each powder particle does not have self-diffusing character differently from mixing liquids, it is needed to make move by force by adding external force. There are several ways to add external force to powder, and according to those, several mixers have been developed.

To select proper one among several mixers, you should know what extend this powder mixture becomes equal (final mixing rate), how long it takes to reach it(mixing speed), and driving force that is needed to mix.

Also sit should be examined whether the powder particle is broken up by throughput, treatment method(contrary type or continuous type), agitation or mixing action.