Smart Microwave Compound Dryer

  • Smart Microwave Compound Dryer

The Smart Microwave Compound Dryer operates with enormously higher efficiency compared to general dryer. Its field of application is very wide and has the following characteristics.

1.Application of mid-end microwave output variable heating type (20kW)
1)Problems of the conventional microwave drying machine in Korea
Currently, most of the mw drying machines used in Korea are equipped with small magnetron below the power of 1kw ~ 3kw.
When one small magnetron is installed, the users can get the desired results. However, when several magnets are installed, both efficiency and stability become poorer.
2)Effective side-by-side comparison with traditional small microwave dryers
materials : Potassium Hydroxide (5kg )+ Water(2kg)
Time(min) Humidity(%) Temp('C) 7% under
0 29.91 19
30 27.23 57.1
60 21.94 68.5
90 14.97 75.6
120 12.03 76.5
20kw(10%,used 2kw)
Time(min) Humidity(%) Temp('C) 7% under
0 27.93 19
10 18.32 95.8
20 9.81 98.7
30 5.25 103

Test Result : more than 4 times difference in drying time

  • Design example with several small capacity
  • * Used multiple small capacities - Efficiency due to frequency interference
    * Used Big size capacities - High efficiency ,stabilize, optimization
3)Multiple Small Microwave Dryer and Economical Comparison
The following figure is the basic structure of microwave

Insulation Drying Comparion

2kw x 10set(mw)(Utility mounting) 20kw, 1set (Utility mounting)
PRICE $5,200x10set = $52,000(exclusion of control) $63,700(exclusion of control)
efficiency 45~50% 75%(Certification Experiment)
10set operation(1year electric price) $198,845 $105,380
Reduced operating costs, 1.5 years for initial investment recovery

Health salt Drying

Air Heating flow MW Drying
INPUT 400 kg 300 kg
drying time 8hour 60min
energy consumption (kW) Heater50 + Motor11 + Fan7.5 = 78.5 MW60 + Motor7.5 + Fan5.5 + Heatpump3 = 66
Day electric consumption 78.5kW×8h=628kW/day 66kW×8h=528kW/day
Day electric price 628kW×0.2$=125.6$ 528kW×0.2$=105.6$
2.4ton Production electric price 125.6$×6set×300day= $226,080 105.6$×300day=$31,680
day capacity 400 kg 2400(8batch) kg
Electricity used per kg $0.314 $0.044

1 kW unit it is difficult to fit everything in terms of cost, which is related to the lifetime of the equipment.

2.Using load-dependent output variable device (smart drying method)
Device using water-cooled ISOLATOR to shut out reflected wave.

Generally, the MW drying machines continuously radiates same magnitude of wave irrespective of the water content. However, if the materials to be dried have low water contents, vast amount of reflected waves are generated and the efficiency is lowered, which may adversely affect the machine's lifespan.

On the other hand, smart microwave can continuously measure the change in water content and change the MW outputs to increase the efficiency of drying, even those with low moisture contents. This can also contribute to stability of the machine usage.

  • 20kw class MW experimental equipment

By analyzing the MW heating and hot air heating parts through the drying experiment, it is possible to manufacture high efficiency equipment by selecting the drying method in the direction of high efficiency

  • smart dryer (red part)
  • Touch Screen
  • Loadcell
3.Uniform drying is possible with homogeneous moisture contents
Since the chamber of the dryer is very large, the uniform moisture contents after drying is very important. This feature is essential for stable drying of the materials.
  • Temp Display(2Below Point is Hot Air In,Out Temp.)
  • Temp. Sensor(red 9points)

Temp. Uniformity (Time chart)

Materials : Waste Coffee
Humidity : 53% ~ 10%under
4.High efficiency can be achieved by using high efficiency magnetron

High power (over 20kw) microwave drying machines have circulator to protect the machine from the adverse effects of reflected waves. This circulator adversely affects the efficiency of the drying.

  • 3D Modeling
  • MW(20kW) pilot test


90% 29.21 23.2 40.95 27.12 19.06 70.28
95% 30.05 23.2 42.70 28.25 20.55 72.74
99% 30.59 23.2 43.34 27.51 20.7 75.61


5.Possibility of achieving drying device through experiment
  • Smart Hybrid Drying System

Our company can judge whether it is dry or not through experiment and all data is approved by accredited certification Our Company has 2kW, 3kW, 8kW, 15kW, 20kW(6sets) Dryer ,Any experiment is possible.

6.Microwave Dryer Experiment DATA


  • Before Drying
  • After Drying

80℃ under drying

Initial humity65%- final humity 10%under, 80℃ under drying
efficiency : 64%
Evaporation rate per : 1.09kg/kwh

waste coffee MW test report

Initial humity53%- final humity 10%under, Temp.80~90℃
  • Before Drying
  • After Drying

Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5
efficiency(%) 76.33 75.53 76.45 72.53 76.87
(kg/kwh) 1.4 1.37 1.4 1.31 1.39

Health salt MW Test report

Initial humity25.2%- final humity 7%under, Temp.80℃ under

  • Before Drying
  • After Drying

efficiency : 79.25%

Evaporation rate per :1.15kg/kwh

LoessMW Test Report

Initial humity33.16%- final humity 10%under, Temp.90℃

  • Before Drying
  • After Drying

efficiency : 73.61%
Evaporation rate per :1.13kg/kwh