Other Mixers

Double Screw Mixer

Double Screw Mixer (hereinafter referred to as DS Mixer) is a paired helical&conical mixer. This DS Mixer is the newest and best paired helical asymmetric mixer that has adopted the cutting edge technology of the United States and the excellent mixer technology of advanced countries such as Germany and Japan. The efficiency of this device is twice that of a single helical mixer and has a mixing effect of more than 10 times that of grating type mixer and is highly adaptable to differenttypes of mixture. The advantages of this mixer are as follow:

Due to the flexibility of low-speed mixing, there is no risk of overheating for heat-sensitive materials and no layer is formed when mixing materials with different proportions and sizes of granules.
Since the rotating speed of arm and pitch are pre-set, and the forces of rotation and revolution are mutually considered, the mixture is not crushed or damaged during mixing. The mixture is not deposited anywhere inside the device and the mixing precision is very high.
Since the mixing is of low speed, it is possible to use vacuum processes and have low noise, beautiful appearance, simple structure. It is easy to clean, and cleaning solutions are not left inside the device after cleaning.
The structure is simple and easy to operate. It is easy to maintain and takes only a little bit of space.The mixing process is done very fast despite of the low speed of device (typically takes about 5-7 minutes).
When the materials to mix require addition of liquid during mixing or contain large amount of arsenic acids, the user can add liquid or attach the spraying system. Indeed, it is a state-of-art mixer mainly supplied to chemical industry companies.
Field of Application

DS Mixer is used in production processes in industries such as chemical, fertilizer, agrochemical, dye, feed, metallurgy, food, plastic, cement and ceramics industries. The mixer is widely used in mixing raw materials in the form of powder + powder, powder + liquid, granule + liquid, etc.

Principle of Mixing

D.S Mixer rotates a pair of mutually asymmetric screws within the inverted conical container, while simultaneously revolving them.

Please refer to Figure 1 and Figure 2. Combine the movements of Diagram A, B, C of Figure 3 to them. The principle of mixing is an efficient process that mainly centers around convective mixing.Rotation: Due to the rotation of the primary and secondary screws, the raw materials are conveyed upwards along the wall of the vessel and are sprayed to the surroundings. Revolution: The screw revolves and rotates at the same timeand mixes the raw materials while applying horizontal circular motion. Gravity: Since the raw materials areconveyed upwards along the wall of the device, space is formed in the lower part of the device. Raw materialsthat did not pass through the screws drop down to the downward empty space due to the force of gravity.

DS-0.3 DS-0.5 DS-1 DS-1.5 DS-2 DS-3 DS-4 DS-6
처리량( t/h ) 0.3-1 0.5-1.5 2-3 3-4.5 2.5-6 5-7.5 5-10 7-12
용기경D1(φ) 856 1062 1535 1560 1890 2130 2200 2450
H1 1022 1355 1723 2000 2310 2530 2922 3160
출구경 225 225 300 300 300 390 390 440
D 936 1142 1610 1700 1970 2210 2280 2740
H 1670 2000 2520 2800 3130 3550 3940 4720
공전RPM 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
자전RPM 140 120 60 60 60 60 60 60
중량(KG) 550 600 1200 1500 1500 2100 2750 3500

The designed proportion of product is assumed to be 0.6.

The mixture throughput varies depending on the input methods of the raw materials and the discharge methods of the product.

Shape of the bottom outlet
Ribbon Mixer

The Ribbon Mixer was developed by DAY of the United States about 100 years ago. This type of mixer is the most widely used model in the mixer market because of its relatively cheap price. Generally, Ribbon Mixer refers to a mixer with ribbon type rotator mounted in the mixing room. However, due to newly developed products, this type of mixer is gradually vanishing in the market.

How it Works

The two ribbon wheels with different moving directions are designed to intersect each other. The basic principle is to increase the pitch on the outer side and reduce the pitch of the inner wheel, while rotating them. Accordingly, the mixture is created by up-down motions combined with complicated flow of the ribbons. For instance, just likethe vortex phenomenon occurs as the ship passes, the mixing procedure is processed as the raw materials are scattered and mixed together as the ribbons pass.

Easy to clean thanks to simple structure. Short delivery time.Easy After Sales Care
Low price
It is suitable as a universal mixer when the difference in particle size and proportions of raw materials are not large and when liquid is not added.
It can be selectively applied to the mixing of raw materials with high moisture contents.
Depending on the structure of the outlet, Dead Zone may occur.
Due to the the shear force and the frictional force generated by the internal pressure of the mixture, it can damage the shape and characteristics of the raw material.
Due to the centrifugal force pushing the mixture in one direction, leakage phenomenon occurs in the shaft seal.
Since the outlet is too small and the time required for discharge is long, a well-mixed raw material may experience separationduring discharge.
Raw materials with high proportions of materials or high frictional force may strain the Ribbon Wheel, causing damage to the Ribbon.
If the additive is of small amount, it is necessary to pre-mix in order to optimize the mixing efficiency. Therefore, it is costly to use two mixers in one mixing process.
Field of Application

It is widely used in industries such as chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

형식전용량 (ℓ) 유효용량 (ℓ) 전동기 (㎾) SIZE(m/m)
SJR 100 60 0.75~2.2 850 320 245 1200 950 1200
SJR 200 120 1.5~3.7 900 450 325 1500 1000 1350
SJR 300 180 2.2~5.5 1150 500 370 1750 1100 1400
SJR 500 300 2.2~7.5 1450 550 410 2130 1200 1600
SJR 800 500 3.7~7.5 1700 650 475 2470 1250 1700
SJR 1000 700 5.5~11 1700 700 580 2900 1300 1900
SJR 1500 1000 7.5~15 2150 800 600 3100 1300 2000
SJR 2000 1250 11~22 2200 900 670 3500 1400 2200
SJR 3000 1800 15~37 2500 1000 810 3800 1500 2400